Thursday, November 12, 2015

Yesterday, we thanked Veteran’s for their service to our great nation.

   These men and women served our nation and for this we owe them a deep gratitude.  They served our nation and, thus, they have served us.  Their service was selfless, courageous, and honorable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
   Today, I would like to honor someone who served us all.  Jesus Christ!  A million times, thank you!  Jesus was God, yet He served those whom He created.  Who would think a God would become a servant to those He created?  It sounds absurd.
   Jesus served us because of His love for us.  How immense must be this love for God to become the servant of his creatures?  Sorry, I have a hard time comprehending it.
   But, how did Jesus Christ serve us all?  First, He became one of us and really dug in deep into the human experience, one marked by trials, suffering, joys, and sorrows.  Only after 30 years in the human experience did Jesus begin to teach publicly, which we greatly needed.
   Then, entrusting His teaching to His disciples, Jesus did the ultimate service for mankind.  He suffered and died for us.  Why is this a service?  Because of He did it for others.  No for Himself, but for us sinners.  He served us with all that He had.  His service for us and our nation is irreplaceable.
   Our nation’s motto: “In God We Trust.”  Thank you, Jesus!  I trust in You!

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