Friday, September 18, 2015

Jesus showed us His love for us through His helplessness.

   It is amazing and nearly unbelievable to think that the infinite, all-powerful God became helpless.
   Christmas is a great time to ponder how the all-powerful God became powerless for us as a baby.  At first, it seems ridiculous.  Then, it seems brilliant.  It is easier to accept a child than to accept a full-grown man.  Maybe the man has ulterior motives.  Is he trying to swindle me or kill me?  A baby has no possibilities for that.  They are powerless.
   Even as a man, Jesus was helpless for us while He hung dying on the cross.  Again, dying on a cross seems ridiculous.  Shouldn’t God show His Power?  No, He showed His Love.  While helplessly dying on the cross, one is free to accept or reject Jesus without any coercing.  How much can a man dying on a cross coerce us?  He is completely unthreatening.
   Jesus is also helplessly with us always in the Eucharist.  After all, He did say, “I am with you always, until the end of the age.” – [Matthew 28:20]  He desires to be present to us.  He desires to spend time with us.  He desires to be one with us, body and soul.  But, He does not force His desires upon us.  He made Himself helpless like He has done before all out of love for us.  Will we reciprocate?

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