Friday, September 4, 2015

How much has God given us?

   It is amazing how much God has given us.  First, we owe our very existence to God.  Then, after we sinned against the infinite God, He took it upon Himself (and His shoulders) to provide a bridge back to Him by dying on the cross.  Surely, we have been given many, many great things from God, but these are the most amazing.
   Yes, God has given each of us different gifts as well.  While all of the gifts are from God, there is one out there trying to have us turn our backs on these awesome gifts.  One of our weapons against these attacks is gratitude.
   Do we thank God for the gifts that He has given us?  When we thank God for the gifts, we are acknowledging that we did not accumulate these gifts by ourselves.  We become humble knowing these gifts were not owed to us, but given to us.  Be thankful.  God thank you for your gifts, thank you for your love.

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