Saturday, August 1, 2015

While God is trying to win you, another is trying to kill you.

   God is trying to win you, in a sense.  He loves you and desires to be loved by you.  But the devil is trying to mess it up, so that you will not have eternal life, but die.  Why does he do it?  Perhaps, he is trying to get back at God or maybe he just hates us because we are God’s creation and God died for love of us.  No matter what his reason, we must realize what he is trying to do.
   The one thing that we must remember throughout it all is the outcome.  Eternal life vs. Eternal death.  Siding with God and loving Him brings eternal life.  Siding with the devil and hating God brings eternal death.  God wants us and the devil wants to dispose of us.
   Of course, not always do we know where we stand, though.  It is a scary thought.  Many think that, I definitely choose God.  Well, actions speak louder than words.  Do we listen to God?  Do we obey God?  Do we love God?  First, we must listen.  Only then will we know God’s will in order to obey Him.  Our love for God will be shown in how we obey Him, begrudgingly or with a smile.
   God is trying to win us, but are we allowing the devil to lead us to eternal death.  If we do not watch where we are going, we do not know.

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