Thursday, August 13, 2015

What is your greatest responsibility?

   Determining our greatest responsibility is a great thing.  It can help us to prioritize our life in a way deserving of our greatest responsibility.  But it can be painful.  Oftentimes, we have to admit that we are not prioritizing our life correctly.  And we do not like to be wrong, especially with our greatest responsibility.
   If we are unwilling to change, there is little point to determining our greatest responsibility.  Sure, we figure it out, but it may require us to change.  We will be even more responsible once we know and then not acting upon it is more of a sin.
   So, if we are still willing to determine our greatest responsibility, let’s first look at the most important person(s) in our life.  Friends, family, co-workers?  Well, it would have to be God.  We were created by God.  We are loved fully by God.  He keeps us in existence and walks with us.  He even died for us.
   So, is God our greatest responsibility?  Our relationship with God must be our greatest responsibility.  However, it comes through many ways.
   The most obvious is we need to communicate with God.  Relationships that lack or have poor communication are poor relationships.  So, we must pray.  We must listen as well as talk.  Within this relationship, we have accepted responsibilities.  Marriage, children, religious life…  All of these were responsibilities that come from God that we accepted.  Everyone is given additional responsibilities, too.  These are as different and diverse as we are, but everything is based upon our relationship with God, our Creator, our Savior, and our Brother.

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