Tuesday, August 4, 2015

God is Love, everything else is commentary.

   This may sound like an absurd statement.  Surely, there is more.  But truly, what else do you want?  The infinite Creator of the universe is Love.  He created you out of love and loves you.  The most powerful being in existence loves you and wants you to love Him.  If we want more, then we have problems.
   Sure, we sometimes wonder, “If God is love than why” this or that.  Well, we need to correct our understanding of love and then everything will make sense.  Perhaps, the questions we tend to ask are the reason there is so much commentary.
   God’s love for us is why we have the Church and the Bible.  They can help to answer the reasons we are looking for.  Ultimately though, we must respond to the gift of grace that God offers us to understand the reasons.  Do we ask the question, but never seek the answer?  Are we willing to accept an answer or have we become so close-minded that no reason will suffice?
   As Jesus said, “seek and you will find”. – [Matthew 7:7]

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