Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Before we can speak Christ, we must be Christ.

   I am taking this from Fr Simon of Relevant Radio.  Jesus did not start preaching and teaching once He started talking.  No, He first spent 30 years in ordinary family life.  Only after spending this ordinary time of His life did He begin preaching, teaching, and healing.
   If we want to bring others to Jesus, we must first make sure that we mirror Christ to the best of our ability.  Sure, we can invite them to know Jesus and tell them about Him, but at some point talking will only get you so far.  If we mirror Christ, they will see the teaching in action; they will see Jesus.
   Mother Theresa was asked by some of those she helped why she helped them, like bathing the feet of a dying person.  She responded that she was doing what Jesus asked her to do.  They then asked if He would love them, too.  She was Jesus to them and that made them desire Jesus.
   Sure, we can speak Christ, who is love, but only after we show love, do others see Christ.  Both our actions and our words need to be united in the same love.  Sometimes, words are not necessary.  Sometimes, they are required.  But love is always needed.

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