Thursday, July 9, 2015

Today is the Feast Day of St. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions

   Today’s feast day is for more than just one saint, which is not uncommon.  They just tend to be saints from a region that were martyred for the faith, which we have not seen in our country.
   Today’s saints were martyrs for the faith from China.  120 martyrs, in fact.  87 were born in China ranging in age from nine to seventy-two.  The other 33 were mostly priests and religious spreading the faith in China.  Interestingly, these martyrs died at different times ranging from 1648 to 1930 and were beatified in smaller group at various times.
   These men and women were willing to lay down their life for Jesus Christ.  It takes a strong faith to do what they did.  But, they did not compromise the truth or their love for Jesus.  Like most martyrs, they were surely given the opportunity to deny Jesus and save their life, but they did not.  They would not deny their love for the One who is love.
   May we learn from their example and be strengthened by it.  These men and women died terrible deaths and are now celebrated for their great faith.  Now, they spend eternity with their love, Jesus.

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