Saturday, July 18, 2015

Does God love us all equally?

   I remember either reading in the Bible or maybe it was just how I interpreted it, that God loved certain people above others.  When you look at the saints and especially Mary, it appears that way.  But we know that appearances are deceiving, so let’s look further.
   What is love between two persons?  In this case, we are looking God and one of us.  But, love between two persons requires both people.  One can love the other, but that love would be incomplete if that love was not returned.  In a sense, you can only love someone as much as they allow you to.  Some love another and want a relationship with the other, but it takes the other’s consent and reciprocation of love to complete the love.
   So, with God being perfect love, we are the ones limiting how much He can love us.  He always holds up His side of the love relationship.  Do we complete the love or leave it incomplete?  There are so many things that we leave unfinished, let love not be one of them.

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