Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An complete love is worth fighting for.

   We should always be striving for the complete love that is found in God as shown to us through Jesus Christ.  A self-sacrificing love that is life giving.  Jesus sacrificed Himself as a ransom for our eternal lives.  His complete self-sacrifice brings us a complete life that can only be found in Heaven.
   So, if a complete love is worth fighting for, then an incomplete love is worth fighting against.  We are all in this battle.  Nearly everything we do is part of this battle.  Who we think about first?  What do we do now?  Where we spend our time?  How we deal with others?  And many other ways as well.
   Many times we fall into an incomplete love due to this battle within us.  Sometimes the lines between complete love and incomplete love are less noticeable and at other times they are painted clearly.  This is where the Church can oftentimes help us.  They will paint the line for us when it is always that way.
   The Church does not institute or hold to rules just because.  They always have a reason.  And that reason is Jesus Christ and His teaching.  Jesus Christ is love and, as such, all of His teachings are about it as well.  Many of the rules may seem just old fashioned, but oftentimes, it is easy to see that it prevents hardships for us when we abide by them.  The Church fights for love.  Though others claim the Church is ‘out of touch’, I would claim that those others are merely ‘out of touch’ with love, which we must fight for.

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