Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where are you going?

   We are always making choices, which lead us in one direction or another.  Even a decision to sit and stay is a choice that negates other possible choices.  And every choice leads to a consequence, whether it is positive, negative, or a combination.  Our choices dictate where we are going.
   Certainly, we may think that we do not have many choices, but our choices are never truly limited.  What seems like a limited choice selection is really a choice selection with lots of consequences that we do not want.  We like to be comfortable, but comfort is commonly the worst thing for us.
   A person driven by comfort may find themselves in a lazy boy in front of a tv with snacks and fast food.  Of course, this does not sound like a healthy lifestyle.  Enjoying comforts like this occasionally is not bad, but never leaving these comforts is very unhealthy.
   So it is with the spiritual as well as the physical.  Many people do not want to go further spiritually, because they fear (or know) that it will take them out of the comforts they currently live in.  But is this not for health, and spiritual health at that.  We all know that the physical world fades away, but the spiritual world never does.  Is not our spiritual health more important than our physical health?
   Many are concerned about their physical health and rightfully so, but many neglect their spiritual.  Let us not be counted among them.

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