Tuesday, June 16, 2015

According to whose plan?

   We know that things do not always go according to our plan.  Sure, we can force them to as much as we want, but sometimes, it just plain will not work.  Our plans simply are only hopes, since there is so much out of our control.  Accept it or not, this is reality.
   So, whose plan is it that is done?  God’s?  To a certain extent, but He did not plan for Adam and Eve’s original sin.  He does not plan for anyone of us to go to Hell, but He does not control us.  No, He gave us free-will.  A great and awesome gift that comes with a possibility of us choosing Hell instead of Heaven.
   So, whose plan is done?  God’s plan to save humanity after original sin has been done.  Indeed, God holds the world in the palm of His hands and can do anything within it.  However, the awesome gift of free-will comes at a cost, even to God.  He goes through the torture of seeing some of His children despise Him and choose to spend eternity in Hell.
   So, who would actually choose Hell?  Well, choosing Heaven comes with accepting and loving God.  Those who say, “I could not believe in a God that would…” are actually very near the choice of Hell.  To think that we know better, impossible.  To think that we could love better, impossible.  God is the all-knowing and all-powerful one that is Love itself.
   We need humility to accept God’s plan for us to go to Heaven.  We do not know better, nor can we love better.  But we can do the best we can and humbly accept God’s attempts to show us where we have sinned.  We are not perfect, so we cannot expect ourselves to never fail.  But we can try.  Our loving Father will surely accept our humble attempts.  His plan, after all, is to love us forever!

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