Thursday, April 30, 2015

What is The Purpose?

   The purpose of life (why are we here?) is a long-sought and debated question.  Many claim to have figured it out, while only one answer can be correct.  I do not claim to be better than them.  In many cases, they have spent more time contemplating this than I have been alive.  Well, here goes anyways…
   In our country at this time, one thing seems to stand as the noblest of purposes.  Love.  Is this, then, the purpose of life?  If it is not, I would be saddened to find out what is.  However, if love is the purpose of life, then we owe it to ourselves to delve into love.  What is it in its fullness?  How can I find it?  How can I share it?
   We should indeed look for love in its fullness.  If you were a stomach, how could you fulfill your purpose with only a morsel of food?  Just as a stomach needs to be filled to fulfill its purpose, we cannot fulfill our purpose with a bit of love.  No, we need the whole thing.  Why should we settle for anything less?
   As Christians, we believe that “God is Love.” – [1 John 4:8]  So, the fullness of love exists in God, since God is love.  It is easy to dismiss this and go onto other things, but truly this is the heart of it all.  If the purpose of life is love and God created life, then God must be love.  God cannot be separated from what He created (and its purpose) no more than you can be separated from parents or children.  Our very being keeps us connected.  Our very being is maintained by God, maintained by Love.

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