Tuesday, April 7, 2015

God Humbles Himself to be Helpless

   The infinite and only God of the universe humbled Himself to be helpless before us.  First, Jesus submits Himself to becoming one of His creation.  But, He did not come as an adult.  No, He came first as a human child within the womb of a virgin.  There He was helpless, relying on the virgin and her spouse for all of His needs.
   And again, Jesus allowed Himself to be helpless for us by dying on the cross.  With His hands nailed to the cross, He could not even swipe away the flies!  He did not take away our sins with a simple gesture.  No, He showed how far love would go, to death and back.
   These both are enough for one to question.  Why would an infinite God do such a thing?  Just show us you are God and tell us what to do.  But God is much more personal than that.  While He loves us all, He has a love for each one of us individually that is as unique as we are.
   God’s desire for a personal relationship with us, takes us to the Eucharist.  Within the Eucharist, Jesus humbled Himself in the form of bread and wine.  There, Jesus is helpless.  He cannot walk, talk, or take Himself anywhere.  But He can love.  And when we receive Him in communion, we can commune with the God that is love in our very being.  There is nothing more personal than becoming one with another.

Helpless He came into the world;
Helpless He died on the cross;
And helpless He remains with us
   in the Eucharist.

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