Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is God preparing you for?

   Many times, we wondering why God allows the hardships we have.  Perhaps, God allows these hardships in order to prepare us for His future plans.  We would not know to store up food unless we have dealt with not enough food ourselves.  Other times, we learn from what others have experienced.
   So, what is God preparing you for?  The answer may not be realized until the future.  Sometimes, we may never realize it.  God is constantly preparing us for greater things.  Think of Job.  He lost everything, yet he bore the hardships and refused to curse God.  He then was given twice what he had lost for his faith.  He endured and now his story comforts others when they have hardships.
   God wants to give us more.  He may allow us to be deprived of it for a little while, but He yearns to give us more than we ever had.  That is why Jesus came here.  He wanted to give us more than we ever had.  Instead of just being God’s blest creation, we become sons and daughters of God.  That is what He is preparing us for.

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