Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patrick’s Day

   Today is the Feast Day of St Patrick, Catholic Bishop from Ireland in the 5th century.  There are many great stories involving St Patrick.  Some legend, while others true.  I am reminded of how he taught the people of Ireland about the Trinity.
   Now, the Trinity is very hard to understand.  1 God in 3 persons.  How can 3 equal 1?  Well, St Patrick used a clover to illustrate the Trinity.  Each clover leaf is a separate leaf, yet they all make one clover.  They are separate and distinct, yet they have one purpose, one being.
   We can spend our entire lifetime and never quite fully understand the revealed mystery that is the Trinity.  We are mortal beings trying to understand an eternal truth well beyond our capabilities, but we can use tools like a clover to illustrate to ourselves and others a piece of this mystery.

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