Friday, March 6, 2015

Do you adore Jesus?

   We adore many things.  Our spouses, our children, along with others.  Some even adore things like money, houses, cars.  In any case, do we adore Jesus?  Jesus, being God, deserves our adoration more than any creature or created thing.
   If we want to adore Jesus, we must know what it means to adore.  In looking at definitions or synonyms for the word adore, love continually comes to the forefront.  Respect, honor, worship, and admiration come up as well.  It comes from the Latin word adorare which means to speak to, pray, worship.
   But, how do we do all of these things to Jesus?  Keeping Jesus in the forefront of our thoughts helps, but it is difficult to worship when you are doing something that may seem unrelated to Jesus, like working.  But, we can offer everything to Jesus.  We can try to do our job as if we were doing it for Jesus.  We can do everything, even the small stuff, as if we are doing it for Jesus.
   This is great.  St. Therese of Lisieux, also known as the Little Flower, called this the little way.  It was her pathway to Heaven and was such a transforming concept that she was declared a Doctor of the Church.  She died at 24 and is the youngest Doctor of the Church.
   I have heard it said that ‘small things done with great love are great things.’  Sure St. Therese lived that way.

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