Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What is your greatest obstacle?

    As Christians, we are to constantly be striving for perfection.  Though, we are all sinners; God’s grace is available to us, if we will only cooperate.  As sinners, our cooperation, though, takes a lot of work.  We fall into sinful habits.  Some habits are plain sinful while others just get in our way in our journey with God.
    We can all easily discern our greatest obstacle.  Just take a moment with your eyes closed and ask God what it is.  Now, the evil one will tell you how this obstacle is really not that bad, but remember that you just asked God and He told you.  He loves you and wants the best you.
    Now that we are this far, we either know what to do about our obstacle or we need to pray for guidance, but knowing the obstacle as an obstacle is sometimes that largest part of the battle.  The evil one tries to twist good things until they are no longer good.   Food is good, but too much is a bad thing.
    Of course, we are coming up on Lent.  Studies tell us that it takes about 7 weeks to learn a new habit and Lent is about 7 weeks.  Amazing how God knew beforehand.  Then again, He did create our very being.

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