Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sacrifice is the currency of love

   How much are you willing to sacrifice for others?  It is directly linked to how much you love them.  We know that “God is love.” – [1 John 4:8]   Jesus is God in the flesh.  His sacrifice for us was His suffering and death.  Of course, this sacrifice is the purest manifestation of love.  Being perfect Himself, He did not need to sacrifice for us, but His unending love for us compelled Him to.  This is why His suffering and death is called His Passion.
   We are called to love God and to love one another, so we are called to sacrifice.  Sacrifice our time, talents, and treasure.  These have been given to us, but God wants to see what we will do with them.  Do we love what we have been given or do we love the giver?  Giving them back or paying them forward is what God is hoping from us.
   Who do we love the most?  Do we sacrifice for them or expect them to sacrifice for us?

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