Friday, February 20, 2015

Our power does not come from who we know, but how we know Him.

   If you know about Jesus, but do not know Him personally, Jesus may say to you, “I never knew you.” – [Matthew 7:23]   I may know about calculus, but unless I am personally acquainted with it (most notably through classes), it does me no good.
    Jesus wants to be our best friend.  Someone that we can count on.  Someone who will always be there even when we do not perceive Him to be there.  It is hardest to know who is there when you are crying and unable to see.  Surely, our hearts work in the same way.  It is hard to perceive Jesus’ presence in our hearts precisely when they are breaking.
    Jesus is God and to be able to call God our best Friend, our Brother, our Redeemer, and our God is almost too much to comprehend.  The One who put the planets into motion and created the stars and sun loves us so much that He wants to be our best Friend.  Talk about having a Friend in High Places!  The saints know this well, but do we?
    Jesus can have an infinite amount of best friends, since He is limitless.

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