Saturday, January 10, 2015

Science and religion – the mythical divide

    Somehow, there is a myth that science and religion cannot work together.  If anything, the divide that appears to exist is that science cannot explain what religion has an explanation for.  For a long time, science was unable to explain how existence came to be.  Christian religions explained that God created something from nothing, and so, creating existence as we know it.  Then, science came along with the Big Bang Theory, which was actually developed by a Catholic priest!  Hence, science caught up to religion.
    Our Catholic faith also believes in miracles that are not scientifically explainable.  In fact, two miracles are needed for a person to be canonized a saint.  These miracles are looked at from every possible explanation and only accepted if there is no possible explanation than a miracle.  There has been consecrated hosts that have bleed and become human tissue.  Science has no explanation.  Our Catholic faith does.
    The divide that does exist between science and religion is an ethical one.  Science can tell us what we can do.  Ethics, mostly driven from religion, tell us what we should do.  From science, we get weapons of mass destruction (chemical weapons, atomic bombs, etc.).  Religion tells us that using such weapons are wrong.
    Science and religion can and do work together.  With science, we learn what we can do.  We just need to realize that it is ethics’ and religion’s purpose to tell us what we should do.

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