Wednesday, December 10, 2014

“Like a shepherd He feeds His flock” – [Isaiah 40:11]

    We have all heard this before, but what does it mean?  How does a shepherd feed his flock?  A shepherd does not bring food to the sheep.  Imagine a shepherd bringing sod to sheep to eat.  A shepherd leads his sheep to food.  If the sheep want to eat, they follow their shepherd.  He leads them to food.
    Are we sheep to the Divine Shepherd?  Or do we think that we can take care of ourselves?  Sure, we must do our duty, but how can we sustain ourselves when we rely on God for our very existence?  To take care of ourselves, we need to follow the shepherd.  Any other way and we put ourselves in danger as does a wandering sheep.
    I took this from Fr. Simon on Relevant Radio [93.9 FM].  Happy Birthday Fr. Simon!

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