Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Do you use your suffering?

    Seems like an odd question to ask.  Regardless of who you are, we all experience suffering.  What are we doing with it?  When we look at Jesus on the Cross, we realize that suffering can do so much.  Jesus’ suffering is the source of our salvation.  Of course, Jesus is God, so His suffering is infinitely more powerful than ours, but our suffering has power.
    Suffering is often an expression of love.  When we think of people that love us, we think of people who have suffered for us.  Most people think of their mother when they think of someone who loves them.  Of course, a mother suffers birthing us into this world.  Mothers suffer much in taking care of their children, which shows their love.
    So, suffering has power and can be an expression of love.  But what do we use our suffering for?  We can offer our suffering for anything.  When used for others, it is an expression of love, which seems to magnify the power of our suffering.  We rejoice when we see the fruit of our suffering.  When offered to God, it expresses our love for God.  This can be very powerful, since we may never see the fruit of our gift.  In this way, we are giving without expecting something in return.
   Let us offer our suffering up as a gift.  Let it not be squandered.

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