Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Are you aiming to be the best version of yourself?

    This is a Matthew Kelly question, so I do not wish to take credit for it.  This question also encapsulates another question, are you trying to be someone else?  We oftentimes want to be like others.  If only I could do what Susan could do OR if only I could have as much money as Steve.
    We think that we would be better if we were someone else.  But God created us all different from each other.  Even identical twins have differences in the way they act; believe me, I know.  We all have something different to bring.  If we are all swiss army knives, then we all have a different set of tools in various sizes.
    We should not try to be someone else; we should revel in the knowledge that God made us through and for love.  In that way, God does not want us to be someone else.  As a father, I may want one of my children to be more like the other in one aspect, but I do not want them to stop being who they are.  The only reason that I want one child to be more like the other in one aspect is because I see them both and cannot help but compare.  We are after all humans with original sin.  What I really want is for my child to be a better version of who they are.  Not to be more like their sibling, but to be all that they were created to be.  God, as our Heavenly Father, wants the same for us, but from a much more loving and pure perspective.
    Will you try to be all that God in his infinite love wants you to be?  Be you and nobody else.  God created only one you!

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