Sunday, October 19, 2014

How do you bring God’s love to those you meet each day?

    God loves everyone tremendously more than we understand as love.  So, we need to be loving to these people that God love if we wish to be close to God and His Love for us.  There are two aspects of love that we need to give to others.  Mercy and justice.
    Mercy without justice accepts the sinner in their sin without helping them to stop sinning.  Justice without mercy condemns the sinner because of their sin without any possibility for forgiveness.  Jesus loved, and still does, with mercy and justice.  Jesus did not condemns the prostitute, but called the hypocritical religious leaders serpents.
    Justice is difficult unless you realize that it is only to be used in mercy.  Then, if you are exercising justice with the intention of mercy, your justice will stay in love and not become a venting of your aggression.  Mercy is difficult unless you realize that it is to be used in justice.  Then, if you are exercising mercy with the intention of justice, your mercy will love the sinner, and not the sin.
    These are terribly difficult to do.  But let us realize that each mountain can be climbed, but only by one step at a time.

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