Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No matter what you do or where you go, life always continues…

    People often try to avoid their situation in life by going someplace else or by doing something to distract them from it, while doing nothing about it.  Of course, doing so may have a time and a place like if someone was so focused on their situation in life that it paralyzed them from living it.  Sometimes we need to clear our heads, but it does not pause or alter our situation.
    Life does not wait for us either.  It continues anyways.  Sometimes, this can be therapeutic to get us moving out of dwelling on our situation.  In a way, we are forced back into living our lives.  We may be forced to make a change, but do we take the ownership that we can in our life?
    Of course, we can only take a smidgen of ownership in our life.  God, after all, keeps everything in being.  So then, we are left with the reality that God can control it all.  However, we also are left with the reality that God knows it all and we do not.  He knows best, but we should still ask for His help.
    At the end of it all, we are left with a dependence on God who keeps our very being in existence.  With this, we turn to Him in prayer, so that we may ask for the help that we need.  The help to live a good and holy life, to accept what we do not like, and to know God’s will in our life.

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