Thursday, August 14, 2014

“[W]hoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.” – [Matthew 18:5]

     I would say that children are looked on as blessings today, but are they really?  Over 1 million children are aborted in the United States alone.  Beyond that, there is an average of 2 children born per couple.  So, some children are rejected after their conception, but some are also rejected from ever existing.
     In abortion, children are rejected as being less than human.  They are seen as inconvenient.  How can we reject children without rejecting Jesus?
     With small family sizes, couples tend to reject children, since they would get in the way of what the couple wants.  Of course, there are those who can only have a small family size because of fertility or financial reasons.  But many reject more children because of their desires for a larger house, a boat, etc.  In these cases, Jesus is rejected for belongings.
     Children are blessings from God and if we as a society thought so, there would be no abortions and there would be larger families.  After all, who would want to deny or prevent blessings from God?
     See the Population Research Institute ( about the idea of overpopulation.

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