Sunday, August 17, 2014

God loves us with a love that we cannot imagine, but why does he allow us suffer?

     Well, we were made in the image and likeness of God.  Bearing God’s likeness, we are able to be co-creators with God with our children.  Also, He gave us dominion over the earth and all things on the earth.  Truly, we are the most blessed and loved of all His creation.
     However, humanity fell into sin with Adam and Eve’s disobedience, creating a divide was between us and God.  The divide brings more pain to God than us, since He loves us inexplicably more than we can ever imagine.  God even let death enter the world because He did not want us to live forever divided from Him.
     We suffer, therefore, because God suffers and we bear His likeness.  However, since God loves us more than we love ourselves, His suffering is greater than ours.  The more you love something, the greater the suffering when you are kept from it.  I love being pain-free, but God’s love for me vastly outweighs any love I can muster.
     Still, our suffering can be great and overwhelming to us.  Accepting suffering is one of, if not, the greatest way to show our love for God.  After all, that is how God showed His love for us, by suffering and dying for us, especially when we did not deserve it.  We may not deserve the suffering we have, but we can use it to show our love for Him who loved us into existence.  That is not to say that God will not reduce or remove our suffering, if we ask Him to, but it means that our suffering can be used to do something great!

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