Friday, August 8, 2014

Did you hear about the latest Satanic Black Mass?

     Just recently, there was an attempted Satanic Black Mass that was to take place at Harvard, but through many prayers and much fasting it did not happen!  However, there is another attempt at a Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma.  The local bishop is asking for prayers and fasting, so that it does not happen.
     To understand why this and all Satanic Black Masses should be stopped, we need to understand what a Satanic Black Mass is.  In a Satanic Black Mass, the Eucharist is desecrated.  The Eucharist that they use is a consecrated host from a Catholic Mass, so it is a direct attack on the Catholic Church, but more specifically the very Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ.
     As Catholics, the Eucharist is most sacred to us.  It is the “source and summit of Christian life.” – [CCC 1324]  We are not trying to violate their religious liberty by requesting that this event be stopped.  We do not want our very foundation to be attacked, profaned, and desecrated.
     Prayers and fasting is indeed needed.  God can do anything, so we need to put it into His hands.  By our prayers, we ask for God’s help.  By our fasting, we show God how much it means to us.

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