Friday, July 11, 2014

Where is the love?

     We encounter love in many ways.  We also give love in many ways.  However, sometimes, we think we are loving or being loved when it is not love.  We have no issue yelling at someone who is about to hurt themselves physically, but what about spiritually?  The physical goes away, but the spiritual always remains.
     When we love, we want the best for the other person.  Sometimes, this love can be a little selfish, since what is best for the other person might be best for us as well.  Wanting a raise for yourself or your spouse is a little selfish and but at the same time, it can be a loving thing for others affected positively by the raise.
     Then, there is love that is not selfish, but still not self-giving.  Wanting a raise for a friend who is in need of financial help would be one example.  You get nothing back from this desire.  Your friend gets all of the benefits.  This type of love a little more pure than the previous, but there is a greater love.
     The greatest and most pure love is the self-giving love.  Eating ramen for lunch because you would like to buy your son a bike is one example.  You get nothing back, but you are giving up something for the other to have something that is good for them.
     Jesus showed us the example by dying on the Cross for us.  He gave Himself completely, holding nothing back.  Let us strive to do the same in our lives and our vocations.

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