Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finding a Christian's life in the Joyful Mysteries

     The Annunciation of Our Lord to Mary:  Here, the angel comes to Mary and waits for her acceptance or denial of Jesus.  Mary accepts Jesus.  This is how a Christian’s life begins, with acceptance of Jesus.
     Mary’s Visitation to Her Cousin, Elizabeth:  Mary brings Jesus to her cousin, all the while nurturing Jesus within herself.  The Christian after acceptance of Jesus begin to nurture Jesus within themselves, especially with those who are also accepting of Jesus, like Elizabeth was.
     The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ:  Mary brings forth Jesus to the whole world in His birth.  The Christian now begins to bring Jesus to the rest of the world.  But still while nurturing their connection with Jesus, as Mary nurtured her Newborn Son.
     The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple:  Now, Mary presents her Son, Jesus, back to God.  Christians now offer back to God, the very gifts that they have been given from God, most notably in their love for God and faith in God.  Christians make offerings to God, but we must always remember that we can only offer what first was given to us from God.
     The Finding of Jesus in the Temple:  Here, Mary finds Jesus after having been without Him for three days.  Christians go through times where they lose their consolation in the good feelings/experiences that they receive from their faith.  Like Mother Theresa, who went 40 years without a sense that God was there, but still believing and eventually receiving the consolation of God’s presence.

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